How Bondic Helped This First Time Homebuyer Fix Everything in Her Apartment

I closed on my first condo in February. 

I packed everything I owned in the world to move into the first piece of property I ever owned.

Here’s what everyone warns you about — but you don’t truly realize — about owning property: If something breaks, it’s on you. 

For the first time in my life, I couldn’t call my landlord or a property manager when a leak sprung, a floorboard creaked, or a door handle fell off.

I knew all of the above going into this, but it didn’t quite sink in until after I signed my mortgage.

And never once, in all the years that I dreamt of owning property, could I ever predict that it’d be so hard to have any tradesmen come out during this time!

I was ready to be a homeowner. I was not ready to be a handywoman. Luckily, with Bondic, I don’t have to be.

Bondic is the All-in-One Handyman Tool For People Who Aren’t Handy

Before February of this year, I could count the number of “handy” things I did on one hand (and I’m pretty sure it was limited to changing light bulbs).

That’s it. Anything else, and you better believe my property management company was getting a phone call to their service department. 

Now, with Bondic, I’ve played the role of plumber, carpenter, contractor, and, oh yea — Apple Genius Bar worker. 

I salvaged my Mac charger, desk, hardwood floors, and even my garbage disposal with the use of Bondic.

Here’s the best thing: I never had to hire a complete stranger to come into my condo, endangering their health or my own. 

Plus, I saved hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. 

—Which, by the way, is a major plus for someone who just spent their entire life savings.

Why Bondic is the Only Thing You Need in Your Toolkit 

Bondic fixes everything. No one will convince me otherwise.

It works like this:

First, clean the surface you’re trying to fix (like my shredded Mac charger). Next, apply the unique liquid formula to the damaged area. Third, shine the UV light on the seam for a mere four seconds. And fourth — boom! It’s fixed!

Bondic is a one-of-a-kind bonding agent that harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to repair just about anything. 

With the Bondic laser bond, you can fix metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, and just about anything else you can imagine.

No, Bondic is Not a Glue: No Glue, No Mess

It’s so, SO much more than that. 

Trust me, I tried every kind of superglue on the market, and once wasted many-a-Google-search on “best glue for plastic” trying to repair a very expensive pair of sunglasses.

But here’s where all the super plastic glue and UV glue got me: A bigger mess than I ever had to begin with.

With glue, I could never manage to line up the edges correctly, and glue droplets were always getting splattered across my apartment. In fact, half the time when I tried to glue something back together I ended up causing more damage. 

(Do you know how to get superglue out of a rug? Because I don’t — and that rug got tossed in the dumpster along with my broken sunglasses.

With Bondic, there’s zero mess or clean-up. Rather than scatter paper towels across every exposed surface trying to catch a run-away glue drop, simply watch as the magic Bondic laser sears your broken belongings back together.

Bondic Fixed Everything in My Apartment 

A friend suggested Bondic the day I moved into my condo. 

When I moved, I accidentally slammed my brand new desk against the side of the stairwell. This caused a side drawer to burst into shards of wood, and me, to burst into tears.

One friend-slash-moving-buddy told me that wood glue could fix it. But I’ve tried wood glue before, and one of two things happened. 

One, it didn’t work at all, or two, the end result was so unattractive with hardened bubbles of glue that I ended up tossing it anyway.

Neither result sounded attractive — especially for a piece of furniture I owned for all of 48 hours.

That’s when another friend told me about Bondic.

I’ll be completely honest: I was a major skeptic. 

And frankly, my friend’s description of, “Well, it’s like UV light glue, but it’s not really glue — I guess you could call it a UV glue pen…or ultraviolet glue” wasn’t the most enticing sales pitch.

But in a fit of desperation, I ordered it. And while Bondic should never, EVER hire my friend as a sales rep, I owe it to her for introducing me to this wonderful product.

The Bondic liquid plastic welder not only saved my desk, but it spared other furniture, flooring, and fixtures within your apartment. 

Oh yea — and it saved what was left of my bank account.

Bondic Repairs Wood, Metal, Plastic, and Just About Everything Else 

Once I repaired my desk — which looks just like it did when I bought it — I used Bondic to repair everything.

Bondic Helped Repair My Floorboards

Estimated cost savings: $500–$1,000

Last year, the condo association forgot to clean out the gutters of the building, causing water damage in my apartment.

I knew this when I moved in. But seeing the buckling hardwood floors next to the window bothered me more once I moved in. I knew it would be months (if not a full year, with what’s been going on) before I got a contractor in to look at them.

So I tried to Bondic my floorboards back together And it worked perfectly — no longer are certain floorboards higher than the others. It honestly looks as though I had that section of hardwood replaced!

Bondic Saved My Garbage Disposal (And My Condo From Flooding)

Estimated cost savings: $250–$500

Speaking of water damage, Bondic helped me escape a would-be flooding incident.

The second month I lived in my apartment, I ran my garbage disposal — completely unaware that a metal fork was stuck in it. Within the hour, black, sooty water was seeping into the cupboards beneath my kitchen sink.

I was ready to call a plumber, then thought, “Well, I might as well try to Bondic it first.”

I knew Bondic was strong, but the fact that it repaired a metal and plastic garbage disposal is a testament to its strength. Within two minutes, my garbage disposal was fixed, no longer dripping water into my cabinets.

Bondic Saved My Mac Cord

Cost Savings: $79

One weekend, I dog-sat my friend’s puppy. And while the little fluff ball is cute, he was still teething.

And for a reason unbeknownst to me, he found my Mac cord far preferable to his teething ring. By the end of the weekend, I had a shredded Mac cord and a dead computer.

But before I headed to the Apple Store (which I did not want to visit during a pandemic), I tried to Bondic it. 

And sure enough, the Bondic UV activated liquid welded my Mac charger back together.

Bondic Spares Your Time, Wallet, and Frustrations

I am the least handy person on planet Earth. And yet, Bondic transformed me into an expert DIY-er.

Bondic fixes everything you can imagine. To save yourself time, money, and headaches — and keep you safe during a pandemic — order Bondic today. 

You’ll understand why thousands of people trust Bondic to fix — well, everything!