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50x more powerful than glue, Bondic® is the patented liquid plastic welder that hardens in seconds when exposed to UV light. It makes everyday fixes quick, easy, and long-lasting – potentially saving you $1000s on repairs.

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How It Works

Bondic® is as versatile as it is strong. Fill in gaps, weld around edges, even build shapes like a 3D printer. It’s truly revolutionary!

The liquid hardens once you shine the UV light onto it, which means you can harden immediately or wait as long as you need.

The UV light transforms the liquid into rock-solid plastic within 4 seconds of exposure. And, once it's hardened, you can file, sand, drill, paint, or mold it any way you want.

Thousands of Uses

Perfect For All Types of Fixes & Surfaces

Bondic® doesn’t just bond items together, it can also seal up holes, fill cracks and gaps, insulate wires, or even create new parts and 3D shapes.

Use it on hundreds of surfaces and materials including metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, fabric, wiring, and more.

There’s no limit to what you can fix with Bondic®.

No More sticky fingers

Say GoodBye To Mess and Clean-up

The ability to control the curing process with UV light makes Bondic® less likely to dry on your hands and other surfaces.

While the pen’s precision applicator helps carefully apply Bondic® only to where it’s needed.

Bondic® Succeeds Where Glue Fails

50x Stronger Than Glue
Once it cures, the liquid plastic formula is designed to last for years! It creates an air and water-tight seal and can support the weight of up to 350lbs.
Waterproof & Heat Resistant
Bondic® holds up over time even in extreme conditions such as heat, the cold, and even water. Rest easy knowing the bond will keep its hold.
Safe & Non-Toxic
Bondic® is non-toxic and has no noxious fumes like some glues and epoxies, so it’s completely safe to use around the house and your family.

Here’s Why 500,000 People Love Bondic®

5.0 star rating
Verified Customer‎
Verified Buyer

Endless possibilities with Bondic

This stuff is amazing. It’s already paid for itself 3x over or more with just two repairs. First fix was my glasses frame, which I knocked a big chunk out of when I dropped them at a restaurant. I was able to fill in the gap with the Bondic kit and sand/shape the spot up good enough to be nearly good as new. Absolutely amazing stuff. Freedom + Capitalism = Innovation! America!

5.0 star rating
Verified Customer‎
Verified Buyer

Held the Weight!!

Really unbelievable. The best bond!! a little clear bead shows, but it is super strong. I would use this for any plastic bond. Super glue only works for little things and is so messy. Kinda like JB weld for metals.

5.0 star rating
Verified Customer‎
Verified Buyer

Works Great When Superglue Failed Me!

I've used this to fix some toys that snapped in half and a pair of kids sunglasses where the frame broke and lens popped out. So far, it's been great! In both cases, super glue alone wouldn't keep the items together but this did the trick.

5.0 star rating
Verified Customer‎
Verified Buyer

Love to use this stuff!

I normally don't write reviews, but I'm having so much fun with this product, I just had to write about it. First off, yes, it really does work. The bond it makes isn't always as strong as some super glues provide, but the ability to form an instant bond with complete control is incomparable. With this stuff, I've been able to repair things that I never could have fixed without it.

Bondic® Gives Broken Items A Second Chance


Innovation At Its Best

Brilliantly Designed
For Everyday Use

Lightweight & Portable – Keep one at home, work, car, travel bag, and toolbox
Won’t Dry Out – Bondic® is not a glue, so it won’t dry out in the bottle over time.
Easy to Use – No long manual or learning curve. Just start bonding!
Convenient Refills – Replaceable refill cartridges make ‘topping-up’ quick and easy.

The Story Behind Bondic®

Serial entrepreneur Robert Harbauer was on a trip to Germany when he discovered something he’d never seen before: A bonding agent that only hardened when exposed to UV light. The agent was made by Dr Thomas Offermann, a local oral surgeon who used it for filling and bonding teeth.

As a lifelong tool and gadget lover, Robert was absolutely blown away. His mind raced through thousands of ways he could use it — and he quickly tracked down Dr. Offermann. When Dr. Offermann explained that he’d already used it to fix his coffee machine, Robert knew they had both realized: This stuff is INCREDIBLE — for more than just teeth!

It wasn’t long before they teamed up on a mission to bring this amazing adhesive to every home and toolbox in the world.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Try Bondic® Risk-Free And If You Don’t Love It, We’ll Fix It.

Quality Promise
We have thousands of satisfied customers from 120 countries that love Bondic®
Bondic® is non-toxic and won’t easily stick to your skin so it’s completely safe to use!
Fast World-Wide Shipping
We also provide fast shipping to over 100 countries.
Bondic® is owned and operated in the beautiful city of New York, New York.
World Class Customer Support
They're real humans, they're quick, and they actually like talking to you.
Mission Driven
Our mission is to empower people everywhere to permanently fix anything with ease.

Stuff Breaks. Fix It For Good With Bondic®!

Enjoy Dozens of Repairs Per Tube - Great For Gifting

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