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This dentist & his busted coffee machine are challenging the $43.7 billion glue industry… hailed as “the future of glue”

Posted By Daniel Kern

  • The problems with regular glue & how a dentist discovered a solution that will put an end to glue.
  • How this new "super-adhesive" works to fix almost anything easily, while helping you save 20x on its price.
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When something breaks in your home, what do you do?

If you’re like most people, you head to your kitchen drawer and grab the glue. It usually works, right?

I mean, sure, it gets messy fast… and if you make a mistake, there’s no going back.
(This assumes your fingers don’t get stuck together while you’re applying it, of course.)

And let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10, glue lasts for a few days… then the thing just breaks again.

Ok… so there are actually a lot of problems with glue.

  • Messy &
    Sticks To Fingers

  • Relatively
    Poor Bond

  • Lack Of

But get this — adhesives are a $43.7 billion industry!1 Isn’t that kinda crazy?

When you consider the messiness, lack of precision, and relatively poor bond you get from glue, it makes you wonder: Why isn’t there something better by now?

As it turns out, there is. The world of glue is about to change — and it’s all thanks to a lucky dentist and a broken coffee machine. (More on that in a moment…)

It’s the end of glue… and the beginning of something much better.

Recently, I read a recent story about a “new type of glue” — that isn’t actually a glue at all — and it kinda shocked me.

This new “non-glue” adhesive is called Bondic. It’s 50X stronger than glue and, supposedly, a million times easier to work with.

Bondic has only recently hit the market, yet it’s already sending shockwaves through the outdated glue industry. They’ve already sold more than 1 million of their handheld Bondic pens — and with 17,000+ 5-star reviews, they’re clearly putting Elmer and his gorilla buddy in a sticky situation!

What is Bondic — and what makes it so much better than super glue?

Bondic is a new “super adhesive” that forms a bond 50X stronger than glue — which is already better than anything in your kitchen drawer… but it’s only the beginning.

Unlike messy glue, Bondic uses liquid plastic to create its rock-solid bond — which only hardens when you shine a UV light on it.

That means you can easily set it into place without worrying about it drying incorrectly (or on your fingers).

Then, when you’re ready, you simply shine the built-in UV light on it to form a rock-solid bond.

It’s completely non-toxic, too. In short, Bondic is being touted as “the future of glue” because it’s stronger and much easier to use.

Okay, that’s amazing. But how in the heck did they discover this?!

There’s actually a funny story behind Bondic. You’d think it was created by an engineer, or a mad scientist, or Elmer himself… right?

Wrong. Bondic was founded by serial entrepreneur Robert Harbauer and dentist Dr. Thomas Offermann, DDS.

Robert Harbauer was on a trip to Germany when he met Dr. Thomas Offermann, a local oral surgeon who used a UV-activated substance for filling and bonding teeth.

When Dr. Offermann explained that he had ALSO used it to fix his coffee machine (among other things) with great success, Robert was absolutely blown away. His mind raced through thousands of ways he could use it — and before long, the duo decided to team up to bring this amazing adhesive to homes and toolboxes worldwide.

After several years of testing with chemical engineers, Bondic was born… and now millions of people are using it to fix all sorts of things!

Bondic can fix pretty much anything… I’ve already replaced my glue with it. (And it saved me 20x what I paid for it after 3 days!)

After learning about Bondic, I had to try it myself. And let me tell you — it’s pretty incredible! Not only is it much easier to use, but I’m also able to fix things with Bondic that I could NEVER fix with glue. This isn’t just convenient, it’s a huge money-saver!

So far I’ve used Bondic to fix all of the following:

My headset and laptop charger cord.

These sensitive electronics don’t respond well to glue, but Bondic seals them up perfectly.

Cost Savings: $79

Leaking pipes

My neighbor had a leak underneath their garbage disposal. Since Bondic is waterproof, I was able to seal it up in about 2 minutes. She was amazed at how easy I made it look (and so was I, to be honest)

Cost savings: $150–$250

Repair reading glasses or sunglasses

My sunglasses broke when I sat on them, snapping one of the temples. I was able to fix them in seconds with Bondic… something I couldn’t do with glue!

Cost savings: $50–$150

Bondic can even create standalone shapes

Which makes it sort of like a “3D printer in a pen” for some uses. It’s great when small pieces break off, like the foot of a fishing rod reel. I was able to fix it with Bondic on the spot in just a few minutes by “re-printing” the broken piece.

Cost savings: $50–$100

Bondic adheres to a variety of surfaces

Bondic doesn’t just bond items together, it can also seal up holes, fill cracks and gaps, insulate wires, or even create new parts and 3D shapes.

You can use it on hundreds of surfaces and materials including metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics, fabric, wiring, and more.

There’s no limit to what you can fix with Bondic.

Bondic fixes anything you want in just
4 simple steps

  • 1

    Clean Surface Area

  • 2

    Apply Liquid To Surface

  • 3

    Cure With UV Light

  • 4

    All Done!

Bondic is clearly the future of glue. Every home and office should have it!

Not only is Bondic taking a huge bite out of the billion-dollar glue industry, it’s making life easier for people all along the way.

With Bondic, it takes me half the time to fix things. I’ve already saved at least $800 with it — doing things I never could have done with glue.

If you ask me, Dr. Offermann scored the jackpot with this discovery. It won’t be long before Bondic completely takes over… and those messy, potentially toxic adhesives become a thing of the past!

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Since posting this article, Bondic has picked up even more attention from the media… they’re really “sticking it” to the glue industry!

That means it’s becoming harder and harder to find Bondic… most online shops are sold out, and it still hasn’t made its way to every hardware store yet (though it certainly will soon).

In fact, they’re currently running a limited-time promotion:
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This is ONLY available through their official website. You’re guaranteed to get the best price here, so why bother leaving the house at all? I highly recommend you order Bondic today… and get ready to throw away your glue tomorrow!

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